The Film

War storms across the cold lands of the north!

Bloodthirsty berserkers and colossal frost giants lock horns with golden-eyed crusaders and crazed templar-priests. They fight for their respective kingdoms, ice-locked Nosck and sky-worshipping Samada, and their battleground is the small, neutral kingdom that lies between them: Ardenmor.

Enter the Broken Swords: Swords-for-hire, mercenaries, scoundrels, and rogues. An independent army consisting of the worst that the world has to offer and yet they do not hire themselves out to just any cause. In each other they have found a camaraderie, and in this they have found some semblance of morality.

As the Nosck and Samada armies destroy the kingdom of Ardenmor in their bid to destroy each other, the Ardenmor lords hire the Broken Swords not to enter a three-way war but simply to protect their people. Waging a guerrilla war against the other two armies, the Broken Swords are largely successful. Until their Captain goes mad and puts the mercenaries at risk not just from the Nosck and Samada, but also from the Ardenian people themselves!

Now, two squads — twelve seasoned men and women — are on the run. They find brief sanctuary in a barn in the middle of the Ardenian forest. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, they must survive until dawn when they can make a break for the safety of the borderlands. Attacked through the night by Nosck warblades, Samada skydancers, and Ardenian rangers, the odds are impossible.

By all the gods and the seven hells, these men and women are some of the most elite warriors the northern kingdoms have seen in ages. If anyone can survive this, they will or they will die trying. And many will indeed die before the night bleeds away into morning light.

Inspired by famous battles like the Battle of Thermopylae, Pickett’s Charge and the Battle of Agincourt, this film explores the themes of friendship, camaraderie and the difficulties of facing a no-win situation.

"Broken Swords: The Last in Line" Extended Trailer