Geo Kaiser

Geo’s passion and career is acting. He holds a BA in Theatre from NC State where he graduated valedictorian. He has studied Acting for Film at New York Film Academy. Geo is a member of SAG-AFTRA, Alpha Psi Omega, and Phi Beta Kappa. He became eligible for Actors Equity Association in 2012.

Film credits include CBS film’s Last Vegas, Rather Large Robot’s SAG short Johnny Awful which premiered at the 2012 Carrboro Film Festival, and has been entered into the Screen Actor’s Guild Indie Showcase, and Rehearsal Space, written and produced by Katie Anderson.

Television credits include Drop Dead Diva, where he appeared as a guest star in Episode 502, The Real Jane.

Recent theatre credits include the following: Streetcar Named Desire with Theatre of the American South, Enron with Burning Coal Theatre, and Julius Caesar with Justice Theatre.

“To the edge of fantasy” ~ Chaos;  Dissidia Final Fantasy