Kelly Lynn Reiter

What makes a small town girl leave the safety of home and everything she knows and loves to come to Los Angeles? The same crazed possession that makes her smile non-stop on 15 hour sets, day after day. Acting is clearly her first love, with singing, playing guitar, fighting, improv and stand-up coming in at second place. She started singing professionally at 6, modeling at 11, and acting at 13. With limited acting options available in North Carolina, she pushed into college early, majoring in bio-medical engineering at UNC, Chapel Hill. Sometimes what’s logical just can’t compete with what’s magical though…so Kelly headed off to Los Angeles at 18 and is determined to spend her life doing what she loves…her credits include a balance of drama, horror, thriller and comedy…all of which were her “favorite.” Examples of which are “Middle of the Night”, “Black Dossier”, “Holy Terror” and “The Z Virus”.