Kellie Carroll

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA., Kellie Carroll is an actress, model, and dancer/athlete. Growing up in South Florida, acting is the one passion that she could not stop pursuing day in, and day out. Throughout her childhood, Kellie gained skill sets in over 11 sports that she drove herself to master in order to utilize them in her acting career. Not only were sports and acting her loves, but she also committed herself to 9 years of competitive dance, acrobatics, and some aerial arts.

These experiences landed Kellie a few film roles in high school, further igniting her passion for acting. Kellie attended Western Carolina University for a B.F.A in Acting, and at just 19 years old, moved out of every comfort zone. She moved miles away from her family, her school, and sacrificed all she knew, just to finally dive in head first to her acting career, in Atlanta, GA. Now in her new circumstances, Kellie works tirelessly and sleeplessly to live her passion out in the most humanitarian and giving way possible.